The Not Sleeping Blog…

Dear insomniacs, parents, vampires and people in Australia,

I am awake. There is that time every night after flossing and general teeth maintenance when I get into bed and not sleep. I lay and think at the ceiling. I think about not sleeping. I love sleep, but it does get in the way of not sleeping and I quite like this not sleeping time. It’s the last chance in the day to get some creative thinking before the not sleeping becomes sleeping and I can’t not sleep think. I think thoughts like “I’m pretty sure I could untie my belly button” and “I think I just heard an alien”.

I write some songs in this not sleeping time. Not out loud, just in my head. if I get lyrics I’ll write them down, if it’s melody I can rarely be bothered to go upstairs to record it, I just have to hope it sticks in my brain or occasionally I’ll workout some sort of ingenious way of leaving myself written clues to how the melody goes without singing it out loud, then morning me can decipher the code.

Sometimes I’ll just refresh my twitter a billion times. Sometimes I count my teeth with my tongue. Sometimes I try to forget how to move a part of my body, I’m good at this. I can completely convince myself I can’t move my arm…it just won’t budge. I can forget it for as long as I like and then switch it back on again. It’s a weird sensation. Sometimes I try to watch entire movies in my mind in as much detail as I can…that’s hard.

Can you hear noises in your head? I totally can. Full orchestras are at my command in my brain. How does that work?! If we can all do this then why do we need iPods? I’d like to officially name this mental music the MindPod.

Anyway, after all this not sleeping stuff is done I’ll go check on Buzz, give him a little kiss and run back to bed in case he wakes up so his mum won’t know it was me that did it.

Right, back to not sleeping…


Me do blog…

Yo, sup?!

*Tom you said you were going to blog frequently

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well I had a Buzz and life got groovy so regular blogs took a back seat -

*but Tom, you don’t vlog much nowadays either…

well observed -

*…and your recent tweets have been of a far poorer quality than those of the past

Ok, ok, gimme a break. I’m only human!

Not sure what has inspired me to write a blog tonight, it may have something to do with the fact that my wife blogs on mondays and anything she can do I can do better (except cook vegan food and give birth, she does both of those way better than me…I’ve tried). Or it could be down to the fact that I just read a really lame blog by a guy in a similar profession, it sucked more than a Henry Hoover, so I thought “what the heck, I’m gonna write me a blog” and Bob’s your uncle (actually he’s my dad) here’s my blog.

*tell us about your life Tom* well it’s pretty rad being me, I won’t lie…however, rather than clog up your bandwidth with tales of my awesomeness, here are some things I suck at:

Speaking French
Knitting anything other than scarves
Backward rolls
Punching punchbags without hurting my wrists

I hope my short list of lame has given your evening a glimmer of hope.

Until next time…


P.S. It was my 29th birthday, we had a picnic, here are some picnic pics…